CMC for Mixon

RBs: Zeke, CMC, Lynch, Sony Michel
WRs: Baldwin, Cooper, Hogan, Anderson, Enunwa, Crowder
TE: Gronk

Do you guys think a straight up swap is a good deal for me? Panther’s O-line injuries have me worried. I was thinking that I might be able to package one of my WR’s into this deal and also get either Diggs or Marquise Goodwin.

What do you all think?

If you can get Diggs and Mixon for CMC and one of your WRs I’d do that all day.

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Thanks for your input, this owner has Hunt. If he doesn’t go for Mixon, would you be comfortable with the same deal but Hunt instead of Mixon?

To me that is a little tougher for me, especially in PPR. Olsen is hurt and Cam has to throw it somebody and that person is CMC. If you can package it and get Diggs for Enuwna or something I’d still do it. Hunt owner might be on tilt and willing to move Hunt.

I love CMC, but I just traded him, Stirling Shepard and a 2019 1st in Dynasty for Antonio Brown and a second.
CMC looked unreal in pre-season so you might get someone to overpay.

.5 PPR league. I guess CMC is the safest of those three backs just based on his reception volume. My WR core is just so unpredictable at the moment and with two top 10 RBs each week and the #1 TE each week I just need a safe floor at WR.