CMC for Zeke straight up

Is it too insane to try this? Standard scoring.
Im trying to get zeke, his owner just lost sony and powell for this week and zeke is on bye. I was thinking of offering mccaffrey for zeke so he could use him this week, and i have gurley conner chubb and kerryon i could use if i’d give up cmc.
Is it enough 1 for 1?

anyone?? pls

I wouldn’t take that offer. Plain and simple Zeke is just better.

Give it a shot. I think Zeke is a small upgrade.

Definitely no guarantee they would go for it, but you picked the right time to try.

Honestly if I were you I don’t even know if I would make that offer. McCaffrey is playing in a better offense and pretty much has the best playoff schedule of any running back. Yes zeke is more talented but will he put up better numbers than McCaffrey this year? I have my doubts. He probably has more upside if the Cowboys offense can bounce back and make teams at least respect the passing game but there is no guarantee that will happen. I would stick it out.