CMC for Zeke trade

Full PPR 3player keeper
CMC can be kept only 1 more season. Zeke can be kept 2 more.

Would you trade away cmc for Zeke plus draft picks? Or try and get Zeke while keeping cmc for the playoffs? Am also in talks to get Hopkins to bolster my WR.

Current Team
QB: Darnold
RB:CMC(IR), Jones and Dillon, Monty(IR) and Williams(C19). Elijah Mitchel
WR: Woods,Deebo,Golladay,Devonta Smith

If you can swing that trade do it.

I personally wouldnt take that trade as the Zeke owner. You may need to add more than just CMC, unfortunately he is losing his luster as the 1.01 is drafts.

I know the guy and I’m almost positive I can do either or. Just draft picks for Zeke and maybe try and trade cmc after he comes back or offer cmc right away and potentially get something else back. The guy is 0-6 and has already started to give up a look to next year

I would attempt CMC for Zeke plus a draft pick or 2.

However, I would temper expectations. If he is looking to next year, he may just want a CMC for Zeke straight up trade to keep draft picks.

Would you do straight up though? Or should I just do Zeke for just picks and hold cmc for a playoff push. I’m looking for that title so it would be nice having Zeke Jones and cmc. Worst case I can offload guys at the deadline if it doesn’t work out for me

If Zeke owner is willing to let him go for picks, I would attempt it to keep CMC.