CMC Handcuff Outlook

Those who have CMC, what is your plan for his preferred handcuff - Reggie Bonnafon?

With the mid-week injury scare, I scooped him up but have since dropped him. Knowing that Carolina has their bye next week, I believe Bonnafon will be available for pickup up until the start of week 8.

Are y’all making room for him on your bench until the end of the season? Or do you have a week you’re planning on picking him up?

The only reason why I am thinking of grabbing him sooner rather than later is due to CMC’s ridiculous (praise be) workload.

Thank you!

Yes his priority on your bench is higher than most other bench assets if you’re the CMC owner. Stash him until a pressing need comes up

I agree - knowing Bonnafon could be an RB1/2 fill in. Although, I would have to make a decision on who to drop.

Does anybody have an opinion on who would be the better stash - Reggie Bonnafon or Darrel Williams - with the knowledge that I own Damien Williams?

Bonnafon has the best shot at a workhorse role in the event of an injury, whereas Darrell will split with Shady

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Drop RoJo for him? Or would you hold?

That’s tough. If you have CMC and you have running back depth for the upcoming weeks, I would consider it - only because RoJo won’t prove to be much of a reliable play. It might take many more weeks before he turns out to be the RB receiving most of the work in TB.

My rb depth is- cmc / melvin Gordon and ekeler / tevin Coleman / rojo currntly

Unless you plan on playing both Gordon and Ekeler every week, I would keep RoJo for some RB depth.