(CMC) I need to commiserate. I need someone to tell me it'll be okay

Lost Edwards who was my RB2, and after not being able to make some deals recently, yesterday afternoon I decided I was going to put McCaffrey on the auction block.

I’m in a keeper league and this would be my last year to have him on my roster. I was going to try to flip him for some major components that I can roll over to next year.

I’m sad.

(But I’m not giving up! Expect another post soon about how to move Devante Adams to replenish my running backs.)

Seems like a good idea, might get a better return if we hear it is a mild strain.

They din’t put CMC on IR, which means they think he will be back in less than 3 weeks. So good plan, just put it on hold for a month.

Yeah, it’s been good to hear that he probably won’t be out too many weeks.