CMC/Landry vs Mixon/ARob

Footclan! Half ppr dynasty - who would you rather have?

Team 1: CMC, Landry
Team 2: Mixon, ARob

I’m trying to acquire Mixon, but I’m not sure if giving up CMC is a good idea considering his potential. I also own Howard, and would prefer to offload him for Mixon… but the owner isn’t very high on him.

Wow, that’s really tough. I’m barely leaning towards cmc and Landry, but it could easily go either way. I definitely think cmc is better than mixon, especially in half ppr. With Landry and Robinson, I lean towards Robinson. I think Landry won’t be as good in Cleveland, but I still expect him to catch 90ish balls.

That’s funny I just said something in another thread about a trade kinda similar to this.

I want team 1s side. I’m not huge on landry this year, I think he will be serviceable but I probably wouldn’t use him outside of the flex.

What really makes me want team 1s side is the difference between Mixon and mccaffery. I have no faith in Mixon in that offense. So I hold very little value to him. Mccaffery on the other hand, i expect a very good year for him. So, although i would rather have arob, I would MUCH prefer mccaffery.

Team 1 for me.
CMC > Mixon (it’s close though)
Landry > Allen Robinson (not close)

ARob has injury history and don’t forget his poor production against zone defenses. The fault of the 2016 season should not fall entirely on Bortles shoulders.

Team 1… Until the Bengals get rid of Marvin Lewis I’m not looking for Mixon.

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I just did a trade Mixon and Kupp for CMC, the 1.06, and 3.02. So I’d lean towards CMC. I’m also in a half point.

For me it is the Mixon side.
Mixon is a 3 down back that in my opinion is a better overall player then CMC and Robinson is a WR 1, Landery was a PPR monster but has a new QB, new OC and has more competition for targets.

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