CMC or Hunt

0.5 PPR

A guy in my league offered me Kareem Hunt for McCaffrey. I’m leaning towards asking for more because personally I think CMC has a safer floor and a higher ceiling… Especially based on his usage in the first couple of preseason games.

Am I crazy?

i’d want more if i make that trade at all. I dislike Hunt this year quite a bit. He didn’t seem like a stud after the first 6 or 7 weeks last year

Hunt turned it around but no doubt about it, he was bench worthy for a while. Not entirely his fault though. Having a new QB he could see more passes but hard to say. I would still take him over CMC. Panthers, all they really had was him and Funchess. Not the case this year.

I’d take McCaffrey, comdortably, in either .5 of full ppr.

I’m standard, it would be close, but I’d probably still take CMC, personally.

I agree that Hunt being bad was not his fault, but with Andy Reid still there calling plays, its distinctly possible the same thing will happen again this season. And who knows how much work Ware will take now that he’s healthy.

Those are my key concerns about Hunt

man., you guys are weird.

Do I have to remind you Hunt finished #1 last year. Better than Gurley. Even with his slump

1327 yards

You don’t, we’re well aware. There are a lot of reasons to think that won’t be repeated and I’ve detailed them extensively in these forums. I think he’s being overdrafted.

Are you crazy? You clearly didn’t watch the end of the season. I owned Hunt in both leagues and the only reason I was able to beat Gurley led teams in playoffs was because he was an absolute stud.

Week 14: 25 carries, 116 yards, 1 rushing TD, 3 catches 22 yards
Week 15: 24 carries, 155 yards, 1 TD, 7 catches, 51 yards, 1 TD
Week 16: 29 carries, 91 yards, 1 TD, 4 catches 15 yards

Everyone likes to point to that 5 games stretch and say oh kareem hunt sucks now. That was just Andy Reid being an idiot and not giving him the volume he needed. Every guy busts every once in a while. He just happened to have it consecutive weeks in a row which exaggerates it.

It’s a close call for me. I am someone who laughs at the notion that ware will somehow take a significnat workload from hunt. Ware is a replacement level player. Nowhere near as talented as hunt.

I do love CMAC a lot though. Own a lot of shares of him. One thing I will say is CMAC has questions as well. He got a tonne of target volume last year because Olsen got injured. Olsen is now back and they drafted moore so I do think that will have a negative impact on his target volume. Still think he gets a tonne, but not sure if he’s a lock for increasing last year as I had previously thought. Also, panthers oline are striaght trash after losing Norwell. I was looking at PFF advanced metrics the other day of ypc for CMAC split by gap. The gap assigned to Norwell, CMAC averaged like 4.5 YPC whereas every other lineman/gap rush yielded closer to 3YPC and sometimes even less. That’s another thing to consider. And we all know andy reid can do dumb stuff sometimes but let’s not pretend like norv turner is some offensive genius. He’s nothing to gloat about either.

The one positive though is in pre-season, cmac did see 13/14 1st team snaps and got the goalline carry. So I am less worried about CJ anderson than beginning of the season.

When its all said and done, I think it’s honestly a very even case. If it was full PPR, i’d take CMAC in a heart beat. The concern is he still may lose goalline work despite what we saw in pre season. I will re-assess closer to the season but if I had to pick now, I’d probably still go with hunt. They do like to use Hunt on the goal line / red zone via both ground and air which is another benefit. Don’t see ware eating into that workload much at all.

Although it is extremely close. Like I said, I do love CMAC. if the next 2 weeks, he is still dominating the 1st team snaps, then I would lean towards his way.

I think his draft position speaks for his talent and workload. Even with Andy being Andy

I don’t. I think people are assuming his 2017 workload is intact, and I think that’s a mistake. I also think his talent is rather overrated by most of the industry and the public.

This will continue to he an unpopular opinion, but from what I saw, he’s very good, but he’s not a top 10 RB, from a talent perspective, based on what I saw on film. Especially not considering the influx of talent coming in from both the draft and coming back from injury.

And for the record, Andy Reid is actually one of the best arguments you can make for him, not against him.

Well, then i guess we can agree to disagree.

10th running back off the board is not outlandish by any means.

strangely the ballers have him @ 10 as well.

If he muffs this year ill give ya a water bet

That’s fine. My concerns are well documented here. No need to re-hash :slight_smile:.

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I see your point here but I also feel like a good amount of this risk is definitely being built into his ADP. If everyone was simply assuming his 2017 workload would remain intact, he should really be going higher. Above guys like Kamara, Fournette, Hopkins, maybe even Saquon. The fact that he is going near the end of the 1st / top of 2nd has some of that risk being built in along with some upside to the fact that he will still be a work horse stud. Let’s remember what this guy did as a rookie on a team with literally no defense and an injury plagued offensive line:

272 Carries, 1327 yards, 4.9 ypc, 9 rushing TD
63 targets, 53 receptions, 455 yards, 3 TD

His ceiling on a per game basis is about as high as any RB out there. I’m not saying he should be drafted way up there, but I’m saying that if it were true what you were saying, then he should be a lock for top 8 pick.

I don’t think it’s built in at all.

Strongly disagree on that. Could maybe argue its not fully built in but hard to argue it’s had no effect. Most obvious of which is when I see it in dynasty startups. At 22 years old with his rookie production, he should be at top fantasy asset but is instead frequently sliding into either super late 1st or early 2nd round. Well behind guys like Kamara. Also, Given that every single analyst I’ve heard and any forum I go to has the narrative of Hunt losing his workload to spencer ware, I find it hard to believe that it’s not built into his ADP considering Kamara is going 3-4 picks ahead of him.

If you don’t believe in the talent, that’s fair. But the average person doesn’t watch as much film as you or form their own opinions on stuff. They rely on box scores and what other people say. And given that all of last year, what everyone kept saying was how much of a stud he is and given his production from last year, i find it hard to believe that he barely cracks the 1st round. If Barkley put up those numbers this year, next year he’d probably be drafted in the top 2 picks.

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I like CMC this year. Hunt has a healthy Ware this year that should eat into his volume. CMC is a 3 down back and it is a 0.5 PPR league as well. Plus all eyes are always on Cam.

@DFWB This statement literally everywhere is part of the reason why I believe his ADP has the risk built in.

This is based on what? Not saying it cant happen but other than the 1 pre-season game, what makes you so sure this is the case. And Hunt isn’t a 3-down back? Just curious on the support for you making this statement as such a matter of fact. Weird to me that people can just take 1 pre season game with CMAC and have that completely overshadow what hunt did in an entire season last year.

Also, half PPR makes the gap between Hunt and CMC smaller. Not wider. If it was full PPR, CMAC would be worth more.

I thought the reason J. Stewart was necessary in CAR was because CMAC wasn’t a 3 down back.

Panthers adding DJ is a big deal for CMC owners. Also Olsen, if he stays upright. Not sure why Hunt slid some. I don’t see Ware anything more than a breather at this point. That could change but I would take Hunt. I still have Fournette higher than Hunt but barely.