CMC or Kamara

I got the 1.03 in a standard league and have been back and forth on these two. I was pretty set for CMC, but started considering Kamara more. I guess what started to make me consider is with Cam and Olsen being healthy, could CMC get a few less touches and with Ingram gone maybe Kamara is the better option as I feel his’ role is going to even expand more.

Barkley and Elliot are pretty much guaranteed to go 1 and 2. 1.01 has proclaimed to the league he is taking Barkley, and 1.02 is a diehard Redskins fan and is bitching about how “this sucks,” “please get suspended,” etc.

Don’t stress too much; this is a good problem to have lol Can’t go wrong with either to be honest. CMC seems to have all the upside in the world but my gut always says Kamara and idk why. You could justify taking CMC #1 in a ppr league

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Yeah, I don’t think you can really go wrong. I’d personally probably take CMC, even though it’s standard scoring. Sure I think CMC’s value is heavily driven by receptions, but there isn’t really anybody right behind CMC either on the depth chart. Not that I think Murray saps THAT much value from Kamara, but in a coinflip decision, sure 1 or 2 goal line punch-in’s from Murray could be the difference in value. Just my 2 cents, I’d be happy to have that problem!

I’d take Kamara here. CMC had 107 receptions last season which is crazy for a RB and I don’t think he will repeat that. He bulked up during the off season and his running style isn’t that of a bruiser. Besides that, Moore & Samuel should take steps forward in the offense and be trusted more, Olsen is coming back, and Cam can throw more than 20 yards now. We should see Cam spreading the ball around. You can’t really go wrong with either guy, they’ll both be a top RB by end of season (baring injury). I just like Kamara and how consistent he is. 81 receptions with over 1500 all purpose yards 2 years in a row. Murray should take the Ingram role, but we don’t know how quickly he’s going to settle in yet and that could mean more Kamara early on.