CMC or Mahomes? 2QB PPR keeper

Context: A couple trades broke very favorably my way (adios, David Johnson!), CMC blew up, & I won my league last year. I’m in a good position to compete again in 2020 – but I’m starting Julio Jones, LeVeon Bell, & Leonard Fournette, and I’d like to prolong my championship window more than making 2020 a Last Dance situation.

I’m working on some other trade ideas, but I’ve gotten some trade feelers from the Mahomes owner about CMC … given the league format (at the bottom), would you consider that deal? I’d then have Lamar Jackson AND Patrick Mahomes for a huge QB advantage for hopefully the next 5-10 years.

Better to (1) ride this lineup as is & go for the repeat, (2) tinker with the lineup, but more like “trade Julio for a younger stud WR”, or (3) go for the blockbuster to build around those 2 QBs? Thanks!

Format: 10 team, 2 QB, extra flex, full PPR, 8 keepers each year

Of all those strategies, number 3 is my least favorite.

I would stick with the current roster to take another shot at a title, but see how the season plays out if you have some injuries or bad luck and need to pivot, then look to trade Julio, Bell, Fournette for a rebuild.

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I appreciate the input! Yeah, I love trading & teambuilding, but I don’t want to get too carried away LOL.

In a vacuum, would you consider investing in 2 elite QBs in a 2QB league, or do you prefer more of a balanced approach (getting your 2nd QB from the Daniel Jones-tier, for example)?

In a vacuum, always getting the best players just makes sense. Would I go out of my way to make that a strategy in 2 QB? Probably not, as you’re probably not going to be able to get that type of pairing without investing big in return with early round start up picks, 1st round draft picks, or top players.

I’d be targeting Stafford, Cousins, Big Ben, those types as my second QB to pair with Lamar as they just don’t carry that sexy name value, but they are QB1s that can had for reasonable or even downright cheap prices.

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Haha yeah, BPA is definitely the best process – just trying to figure if there’s a way to lean for comparably viewed players. And I really like Stafford in that QB2 list. Thanks for your input!

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