CMC or McKinnon?

Which would you rather have in 0.5 PPR dynasty?

I ask because I have cmc and was offered 2 separate trades today.

  1. CMC for a 2019 first
  2. My Barkley for McKinnon and 2 2019 firsts

I don’t like either trade but they were both offered by the same guy, so I was considering countering with CMC for McKinnon and a 2019 1st.

What do you guys think?

Neither trade is close for me. I’d hold CMC and Barkley.

I would hold CMC and Barkley… until someone drives up to your front door with the proverbial dump truck.


Counter with your kicker instead on both and let him know that’s about how far off he was on his offers.


I really like McKinnon…like a lot…but in this trade I would not part with CMC. While I am not a big CMC truther, you at least have seen how he will get used and what he did with it. We do not know what McKinnon will do.

I think it will be fine and have drafted that way but we know what the usage for CMC ought to look like, which I expect to be the same as last year.

I would not move any of those guys for 2019 picks. Not even a consideration for me, frankly.