CMC or Najee Harris Rest of Season

Who would you rather have rest of season (1/2 PPR, 10 team league, 2 RB, redraft) Najee Harris or CMC?

My fear with CMC is injuries, and now with Darnold out several weeks, will the Panthers sit CMC? Najee seems like the safer choice but CMC is the higher ceiling. What’s everyone’s thoughts?

My Current RBs:
Najee Harris
Antonio Gibson
Josh Jacobs
Kareem Hunt

I would rather have Najee, he’s had as consistent of a floor as you’ll find with a RB this year because of his crazy usage. And while CMC can be lethal I just worry about him staying healthy for another 8 weeks.

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Could you package Gibson with a receiver for CMC? I’m sure most CMC owners are listening at this point.