CMC or Zeke 1st overall STD 12-person league

Hey all, I’ve been torn on this decision in my mocks at 1st overall for a while. Drafting CMC or Zeke first. CMC has a new QB, OC and head coach, and Peter Chung’s recent article in the UDK elaborates on the trend of RBs regressing after signing a major contract. Conversely, Zeke stayed consistent last year after his major contract and is as “safe” as you can be at the position. Is it getting too cute to draft Zeke first overall?

Yes. Yes it is. Elliot is safe, for sure, but CMC is that offense. He will get more touches and more receptions. It’s def closer in a standard league, but I’d stick with CMC. If you really want Elliot you can always try to trade CMC for him and a secondary asset after the draft.

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Thanks @jeffkayy! I think I needed that lil nudge. Good luck this year!

No problem man! Thanks, you too!