CMC steep trade

Just got offered the following trade.

Receiving: Aaron Jones, Godwin, Ekeler
Give away: CMC

I want to smash yes, but hesitant to do so. CMC is so valuable but he’s willing to give me a good worth too. Would you guys do it?

My roster is:
Qb: Matt Ryan
Rb: cmc, Coleman, Sanders, bonnafon, Edmonds(dropped singletary on accident)
Wr: juju, cooks, diggs, Boyd, tate, McLaurin, Sanders.
TE: Andrews, Waller

Getting Godwin would be a great benefit since my Wr’s are good but have been a headache. But idk if I could rely on Jones like I do cmc.

Thanks for all advice!!

He’s dumping A. Jones because Jamal Williams is coming back (right or wrong he will steal carries from Jones) and he’s dumping Ekeler because Melvin is taking back the backfield. He’s selling Godwin at peak value.

He’s offered good value but it’s deceptive value IMO.

CMC is a league winner, I would stand pat. The downgrade at RB is not worth the upgrade at WR.

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Yeah. For CMC you gotta get back another WR or RB 1 plus another WR 1 or RB1. I know that sounds ridiculous but he’s literally putting up historic numbers for fantasy.

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