Cmc Thielen trade

Giving CMC Thielen hockenson

Getting fornette Aaron Rodgers golliday hunter henry

NO!!! Don’t trade CMC. If you do you better get a ton back

Whats your roster look like

Qb stafford
Wrs evans Adam’s kupp Thielen
Rbs cmc carson coleman
Te hockenson

His roster
Qb Prescott rodgers
Wr julio golliday sanu Mathews
Rb chubb fornette Murray
Te hunter henry witten

Pretty good trade but man its a tough call to get rid of the best player in fantasy this year

I’m really struggling to decide I just need to improve at te I tried to offer up carson and thielen hockenson for hunter but didn’t bite

anyone else in the league have a second te to try and target? Like i said i actually dont hate that trade. I feel Golladay is better than theilen and hock is certainly worse than henry. but giving up CMC sounds like a desperate move and i dont think thats your situation

This league sucks nobody trades haha

I would not take this either.

Reasons Why:

  1. CMac averages 13 more points a game than Fournette.
  2. In your “ideal lineup” for playoffs you’re starting Kupp and Evans over Golladay at WR. Thus, outside of bye weeks, you essentially would be trading for a piece that would start over Carson/Coleman (whoever wasn’t RB2) in your flex spot with Golladay.
  3. So you gain 1 point on average in your flex, and 7 on average at TE but giving up almost 13 points a game at RB and losing the best player in FF.
  4. If Adams is Davante I might rather have him come playoff time than Golladay anyways, which means you may not even start Golladay making the trade worse.

So long story short I’d try to find another owner with 2 TEs or perhaps the Waller/Mark Andrews owner and see if they might tilt (maybe pray they listen to Matthew Berry too).


This. Don’t trade CMC.