CMC Tilting

Cam is vulturing most of the goal line carries, and the playoff schedule (weeks 14-18) does not look promising.
Do I try to trade CMC for a JT and another piece if I can get it?

You are going to need more than CMC for JT.

JT is the most expensive player to acquire, imho, if he is even attainable right now. You will need an amazing offer to pry JT away, which will hurt your team more than it will help it.

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I kinda hoped you wouldn’t say that, but knew that that is where JT is at in fantasy.

Should I just throw the trade out there?
Like, Herbert and CMC for JT and Kyler Murray?

You can, but the likelihood of it being accepted is beyond slim, imho.

Murray is still regarded highly even though he hasnt played in 3 weeks, especially since the overall feel is Herbert is struggling (even though he is the QB5 currently).

You can always throw offers out there. Depending on the trade partner sometimes it generates trade negotiations. Sometimes it slams the door shut if the trade offer is poor. Hopefully you know your league mates better than us. I would lean that this is the type of offer that gets the door slammed in your face.