CMC trade advice 8/25/20

10 team, SF, .5 ppr, start 9 (Super flex, 2RB, 2WR, 2 Flex, 1TE)

Send: Mixon, Breida, Diontae Johnson, and 1.08 (2020)
Receive: CMC, Paris Campbell

My current team: (Important pieces listed)
QB: Watson, Goff, D. Jones
RB: Zeke, Mixon, 1.01 (CEH), Kerron, Breida, Duke, B. Scott, Lindsay
WR: Kupp, AJ Green, Deebo, JJaw, Diontae, Preston, Slayton, 2.01 (Reagor/Jefferson)
TE: Gesicki, Jonnu, Herndon,

I feel it is the CMC side just want to check opinions.

I def agree on the cmc side. Good trading!

Fair trade. I hope whoever is trading CMC to you isn’t in your division because your team looks like it’s going to rampage through regular season if you can hit on a receiver or two.