CMC TRADE dynasty SF

superflex dynasty. Would you trade CMC for joe mixon, stefon diggs, and 1.01
Team right now is: QB- Brady, Brees
RB- CMC, kenyan drake, jordan howard
WR- tyreek hill, odell, brandin cooks

Do you have depth at QB?

No. All i have is mariota and pick 1.11

I would think if you wanted to swap mixon or diggs out for a QB of equal value that would give you a chance to grab another QB with that 1.01 and be set at the position, or grab your RB/WR of choice, I think diggs would be the one to trade out since you are stacked at WR and I personally feel he is a bit risky especially this year with him going to a new team, but he’s a great talent and should be the 1 there.

It’s a very nice offer for CMC though, the value is definitely there.