CMC Trade efforts

I’m trying to work a CMC trade but I know I personally would never trade him away so now I’m debating if there’s anything I could offer to even sway him
<--------He’s on the left Im on the Right ------->

Currently I was thinking offering Jones and Godwin for him but I don’t think that would do it honestly.
Full point ppr
Only player I refuse to trade is Hopkins.

Highly doubt there’s any combination of players you have that he would accept for CMC…sorry! :frowning:

Edit: I was them and would consider any trade, it would have to include Hopkins and would start with Jones +Hopkins

The starting position for the guy giving up cmc should be Aaron Jones plus. I’d be asking for Montgomery or Kupp minimum. I think the price will simply get out of hand where you cripple your team trying to get him.

I’m assuming he’s 1-0, I would wait and see if their record drops down to 1-2 or 1-3, and see how they feel.

I don’t see any holes in their roster as of now, I wouldn’t be trading away CMC for any reason if this were my roster.
Plus I don’t think with your roster it’s absolutely necessary to acquire CMC, if anything trading away assets to get CMC might hurt your team more than it helps by acquiring him.
Keep at it though, IMO any player is expendable, and if anybody says otherwise they’re not playing fantasy football the right way lol

I think an offer comes down to league size and starting positions (I don’t believe I saw them listed). If you’re starting two RBs then I’d consider offering out A Jones, Edmonds or Gaskin, and maybe a Godwin. I think for him to consider a trade he’d need multiple running backs. It’s worth putting an initial feeler out though.

Fun fact, @tofuwithanr he actually started 0-1 cause he played the highest scoring team in the league. He’s currently in talks with another owner for a tom brady for zach pascal trade which is what sparked my optimism.

@Mr_Wind-up_Bird I was thinking if I could make out holding onto hopkins montgomery kupp and AB, as well as the CMC I would receive then I would be set but I know what you mean, I worry this will turn into 3 players for 1 and those 3 being my first 3 rounds.

@ProjectGwood I didnt list that my apologies, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (Te can be played in flex) 1K, 1 Def. Him being interested in Pascal really made me wanna try offloading a wr