CMC Trade for OBJ

currently sitting at #2 in a 14man PPR.

QB: Murray
RB: Carson, hyde, jacobs
wr: hopkins, lockett, OBJ, hardman
TE: waller

thinking of shipping out Jacobs and OBJ to offer for the 7th seed with CMC. his WR’s are quite weak (Chark & Mike Williams) while he has a load of solid RB’s. Am I offering too much and ruining my depth, or making a championship move?

if you can get him for that 100% do it but i doubt that gets accepted personally i wouldnt take it cmc is the best there is this year and obj has been a bit of a bust

Ya cmc side wins hands down, he’s the best rb in fantasy points currently I doubt he takes that for obj unless he really loves obj but your league might down oye that as well