CMC Trade Help Needed!

Is Davante Adams & David Johnson to much to give up for CMC?

Woof…tough question. CMC is to me the clear #1 fantasy player right now (especially in PPR). That being said giving up probably your first 2 picks of the draft for him is a lot. It personally depends on your team if you can handle losing those two guys. You can definitelly lose Johnson since CMC will make up plus a lot more for your RB’s. Kind of depends on your other wide receivers.

i’ve made some other trades that left me stacked at WR. I’d still have Juju, Allen, Woods. Godwin. Think that is enough depth with Juju being at WR2 at best?

Tough I’d say its too much even if you have a Godwind WR1 and Juju WR2. What RB depth do you have?

With the info you’ve given I’d be leaning towards not doing it. Maybe try to get a throw in to help even it out?

Would he take Juju and DJ instead?

He has no interest in Juju. Tried everything else. This seems like the only option.

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My other RB’s are Conner, Coleman, Thompson. Not great!

Davante Adams isn’t a bad sell high on name value. He came good this week but it was against one of the worst secondaries in the league which suffered an injury during the match, too. He hasn’t found the endzone yet, Packers offense really struggling. DJ is similarly underperforming based on pre-season expectation. There’s no guarantee either player will start scoring more than they have been.

I would put faith in the rest of your receiving corps and let your opponent assume the risk on DJ and Davante while gaining the most valuable player in fantasy (whose team will only get stronger if Cam Newton returns). The gain at RB is going to outweigh the loss at WR even if Adams starts finding the endzone with some regularity, which again, I’m dubious about.

In this case it might be worth it to give it a go.