CMC Trade Offer perhaps?

.5 ppr and 3-4. Trade away CMC and get M. Thomas and Ekeler. The Chargers schedule is extremely nice for Ekeler and I know CMC is THE STUD but if I can bump up my WR core that much and come away with a very positive RB2.

RBS- CMC, Bell, Breida, White, McCoy

Wrs- Godwin, Golladay, Djax, M. Williams


I wouldnt. hurts the rb starting line to much ekeler is nice but hes not gonna fill the hole cmc leaves. the upgrade in wr is nice but godwin and golladay are a pretty decent starting combo i dont think id do it personally

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I would want a better RB. Thomas is awesome but CMC is literally the best player in fantasy

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No chance I would do this trade. You can easily lean on Godwin and Golladay, and Djax showed to be good in his first game with the eagles

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I literally feel your pain. I’m 4-3 and got CMC too. It’s tough decision for sure. Thomas is about to get Brees back and Ekler is beating Gordon out. Ekler has the upside of targets and isn’t looking like he’s slowing down and Thomas is consistent. 2 are better than one and they are both top 5. I would do it.

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My only fear is that Golladay will be up and down more than we think and that goes with Andrews but last week could have been a flop with the weather. Lamar is starting to be a concern with the running, however for me.

I’d stick with your team. Bell will improve and be a RB1 ros, he + CMC are wicked.
Godwin and Kenny G are legit. Maybe flip Breida or White for another WR to a RB needy team

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I concur with my fellow feet. CMC is basically irreplaceable.