CMC trade question

what would it take to get CMC

I’m trying to acquire him from a RB needy team.

My RB’s are Bell, Mack, Coleman, Josh Jacobs and Ronald Jones

His RB’s are CMC Joe Mixon and Carlos hyde.

He keeps trying to trade me Mixon and Sanders for Marlon Mack but I’m thinking that I can offer him some combination of RB’;s for CMC if he’s needy

going to be really hard to get CMC. This could be the week since he is on a bye tho. I would try any combo you can that doesnt include Bell. Wouldnt get your hopes up though.

Only 2 I would take are Bell and Mack (still not sure I would take it). You might be able to get away with Bell and Coleman/Jacobs, but don’t think that is going to happen.

To me if I had CMC (which I don’t) It would take a true RB1 and WR1 to get me to think about moving him.

CMC is the one player I would not trade. It would have to be obscene what was offered to consider.