CMC Trade? Should I walk away?

I got offered Julio Jones and Nick Chubb for CMC, Hilton, and A. Robinson. I dont like the trade as it stands but would like to find a way to get Jones and Chubb.

My Roster:

QB: Dak
RB: CMC, Mixon, P. Barber
WR: Cooper, Sutton, Diggs, Jeffrey, Sanu, Hilton, Robinson, & Dionte Johnson.
TE: D. Walker, Chris Herndon

His roster:

QB: Rodgers, M. Stafford
RB: Chubb, Carson, Fournette, McCoy, J. Williams
WR: DJ Chark, J. Jones, D. Robinson, Kirk, A. Tate.
TE: Olsen, OJ howard


If that is his starting point, then I don’t think you will be able to do a trade with that owner. Jones/Chubb for CMC/Hilton is already iffy and then he tossed in you giving him Arob.

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Walk away, that trade is very lopsided in their favor. If they included Carson, then I would start to think about it, but as is don’t do it

For goodness sake don’t trade away CMC for anything.

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Chubb and Jones straight up for CMC might be fair. But expecting you to trade him other solid pieces makes me not want to trade with that guy. Trying to screw you over.

Awful trade ! I would want a hell of a lot more than that for possibly the best player in Fantasy football !!