CMC trade which side are you on?

Which side would you take

CMC and AJ Brown for Tyreek Hill and Nick Chubb

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Definitely the CMC side. Dude is a cheat code.

Yep, dude led all RBs this last week and had no touchdowns. Too good, too consistent.

CMC all day

What about CMC and AJ brown for Zeke and Hopkins?

Actually Tyreek and Chubb is a better deal, so no. Try to develop talent around CMC.

I would take this trade with any of the 1st Rd RBs except CMC. He can win you a week by himself.

CMC side. The potential for CMC is bananas especially with another top tier WR in the deal. TBF it might not be all that different some end of the year, but Iā€™d still give it to the CMC side.