CMC trade worth?

How highly do you value CMC in full PPR? I’m in a hole and need to climb out. I’m a Bell owner and need wins. CMC is my best player but am being offered some trades. Freeman and Allison for CMC. I’m not huge on that but what do you think about Mixon and C Davis for CMC? He has Mixon, Freeman, L Miller, Ingram as RB and Allison, Davis, and Jeffery at WR

Mixon and Davis for CMC is a decent one assuming Mixon is fully healthy and back next week.

Full disclosure though, i am a corey davis truther and a CMC truther. So I am super high on both players but much higher on Davis than the general public.

I honestly am too. I’m trying to give up Lynch, Brieda, and Lockett for Freeman and Davis instead. It’s tough as he is high on Mixon like me, I was just higher on CMC in the draft

I was higher on CMC vs Mixon in the draft and remain higher on CMC than Mixon. I still think CMC > Mixon by a decent margin.

I agree 100. I do like the idea of getting depth with Davis. My wr are hot garbage right now and with Gronk not producing like I hoped they are killing me. Landry is my only wr I’m confident in