CMC Trade?

Being offered CMC and Crabtree or Kelvin for AJ Green and Lynch.

12 Team PPR

What do you guys think? I’m pretty high on CMC


AJ Green
Cooper Kupp
Keenan Cole
DJ Moore



What other Wrs do they have to offer? Crabtree over Kelvin by a big margin, I think Crabtree will only get better as Flacco gets used to his new targets.

Id take that trade having CMC and Hunt with STills, Kupp, and Crabtree

You could get more capitalizing on AJ’s big night as well.

This is hard to say. I would say yes but the only issue is you are going to be weak at the wr option. I don’t think you should take Benjamin at all not worth it. But maybe see if he has a higher upside wr than Crabtree. Because of that my final answer is no.

In a standalone, I would say that is a home run.

CMC in full PPR is a top 6 RB to me.

But youre WR group would be struggling extremely hard. TBH, i’d probably still do it and then try and flip Hunt for another WR + RB.

I’d take crabtree over benjamin for what it’s worth.

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Thanks Mike! I know AJ might not get higher value than now. I mean AJ is a beast but I worry about consistency, should I?

I do have trying holes for kupp and still this season but not WR1 value

I tried to get josh Gordon and cmc but he countered with Kelvin which is why I don’t think he will give up more than Crabtree sadly

That is exactly why I am thinking about doing a trade now for that reason exactly AJ 3 tds

Mike would you Trade AJ for CMC straight up in this situation? He offered CMC and Kelvin for AJ and Lynch, I countered with AJ and Lynch for CMC and Crabtree he countered with CMC, Kelvin and Ben Watson (WTF lol) for AJ and Lynch. Im wondering if I should decline it and just say AJ for CMC straight up or talk a walk?

In a full ppr format, CMac > AJ green for me. So if he’s willing to do that, ofcourse you would take it. Based on his counters though, it sounds like he values CMC more than AJ green given the 2nd component is lynch for crabtree.

The issue is he won’t even give Crabtree, that was my counter.

He original was cmc and Kelvin for AJ and Lynch. My counter was crab and cmc he came back with Kelvin cmc and Ben Watson (keep in mind he has Jordan Reed and I already have Ertz) so he must know Watson is of no interest to me.

I could offer duke and AJ or breida and AJ for CMC but then I’m giving up to much would you agree?

Breida + AJ for CMC, would definitely do.