CMC vs Kamara vs D Hop

I am in a dynasty superflex startup draft. My options are the three players listed in a 12 team Full PPR scoring setup.

Which of these three would you take assuming full health.

Alvin Kamara

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Kamara, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

You honestly can’t go wrong with either. CMC is a lock for 120+ targets and has established himself as a workhorse getting over 90% of the snaps.

kamara is hyper efficient and isn’t used in the workhorse role but honestly doesn’t need to be because of his efficiency. he’s on a much better offense and is great in the red zone. I think because the way saints preserve him, he will be an elite producer for much longer than your typical workhorse RB.

Nuk is in my opinion, the 1B WR in dynasty ( i personally have adams as 1A). He finished as WR1 last year playing with basically a torn shoulder blade and is tied to what is my eyes, a top 3 stud young QB who is only going to get better. And in dynasty, I typically lean WR over RB cause of longevity and stability at the position. If you look at startup rankings Y-o-Y, the most stable are the top WRs (Nuk, MT, OBJ, Adams) they are typically rising or stay at the top. Whereas the RB position is much more volatile. People are rising and falling out of the top 5 every year (i.e. gurley, DJ, Bell ,etc).

So based on all that, I would personally go Nuk. There has been the odd place where I’ve taken an RB over Nuk/Adams but that’s only for diversification. I have so many Nuk/Adams shares that I wanted to diversify a bit :stuck_out_tongue:.

Hope that helps.

I def agree with Mike on a lot. I would lean towards Kamara, but I don’t think you can go wrong at all.

CMC I think has the most value day 1, but barely. He will basically challenge 1000 and 1000 every year barring injury. With that said how long can his body hold up playing every game and basically every snap. Kamara is in a great situation, but he doesn’t get the volume CMC gets. Not that it matters so far either right now. He catches plenty of balls and can be a workhorse when needed as well. Nuke is the man on a great offense and doesn’t need help at all. He catches basically everything around him and plays every game right now. I value the RB position a little more so gun to my head I go Kamara.

@MikeMeUpp I totally agree that RBs are volatile and are constantly raising and falling out of the top 5. I don’t typically try to acquire those players through trade as the price is too high.

There is an argument that the draft is the cheapest place to acquire a player. In a startup I think I want the young, elite, efficient RB with the intent to win-now. Whereas I think the WR position is deeper and you can acquire similar production players. (Obviously you can still win-now with Nuk too.)

In my experience, guys like Nuk who are “aging” can be acquired in trade… for a reasonable price. Guys like Kamara and CMC are typically just not available. As the owner of a Top 3 RB I would be in a constant state of selling those players. Just executing when I feel they are at the apex of peak value and overall NFL usage/age.

Like I said man, you can’t go wrong either way. I also wouldn’t call Nuk an “aging” receiver. He’s 26 and has about 4-5 years left in his prime tied to arguably the best if not one of the best young QBs in the game. The dude played with a torn shoulder blade last year and finished as the top scoring WR.

And for sure the draft is cheapest place to acquire a player but it’s not like people are selling Nuk for cheap either. And as I said, the WRs typically hold their value or rise in value with much more stability Y-o-Y than RBs. So trying to time selling a top RB is pretty difficult and much easier said than done. Look at Gurley, or Bell or DJ year before. And like you said, price you’re looking for is probably too high for most people to pay anymore.

Kamara and CMC sure are typically unavailable but neither are players like Nuk/OBJ/Adams.

And for what it’s worth, in the leagues I am best positioned to win, I took Nuk with my first pick in all of them and just identified RBs that I think would be rising later on in rounds 2-4 and even the later rounds after that.

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Hopkins just turned 27 on June 6. Not that it changes anything.

Yeah and if anything, as JJ and Larry have shown, WR can extend their careers into their 30s. And even longer if moved into the slot. I typically only expect about 2-3 years of peak production from an RB. I think ScottBarret actually did a study on this showing shelflife of WRs vs RB vs TE etc and results are as you’d expect. And RBs are one injury away from being changed from the 1.01 to what’s frequently late 2nd and 3rd rounds even (i.e. Gurley). I know Nuk is going to just remain in that top tier for a while. So that’s why I typically value that investment more. I view WRs as appreciating values and RBs are depreciating values that are the easiest pieces to replenish every year via the rookie draft. Finding top tier talent at WR however is much harder. With the exception of the ridiculous 2014 class, elite production at the WR position has been hard to come by.