Co-worker debate: Best Draft Opener

Had a couple of beers and started talking about draft strategies with some co-workers. Lets just say alot of us agree to disagree.

I told them I had the 10th spot in my 12 team league and they asked who I was planning on taking with my first 2 picks which led into a drawn out debate.

Which opener is better in PPR?

  1. OBJ or Hopkins/ Allen or MT (this is what I told them I was taking)
  2. OBJ or Hopkins/ Gordon or Fournette
  3. Hunt or Cook/ Fournette, Gordon or CMAC
  4. CMAC, Hunt, or Cook/ Allen or MT

if there’s other combinations at this spot let me know but these were the main ones being tossed around.

In my opinion at that spot, im not taking a RB unless Barkley/ Kamara falls to 1.10 and that’s not happening.