Cobb or Geronimo in a full PPR? Or both?

Which one do you start this week. Or would you consider starting both over Marvin Jones/Chris Godwin?

MJ/GA for me

I like Packers if they are healThy enough

GA/ Godwin for me

I would take GA/Godwin as well.

I guess my real question is which one do I bench.

I was starting in this order:


So debating if Cobb should start over those.

Rodgers > Stafford

So I would start Cobb over MJJ. Also Packers will probably be playing catch up to the Rams.

I agree. I just don’t know if I like starting two receivers from the same team but this matchup probably will call for it

I think if anyone can support multiple receivers it would be Rodgers.

My rule on stacking WRs in the game need to appear to be a shootout and they need to be #1 and #2 targets on the team. Adams is obviously #1 here so that’s why I’d put your chips on a single packer and that packer for me is Allison.