Cohen and R Anderson trade

A guy in my 14 man dynasty league .5 point PPR offered me

I would give away
R Anderson

I would get
D Freeman

Seems like a trade in my favor right?

I would probably take this trade.

I would definitely do this trade

Thanks Fellas!

I don’t have to squint that hard to see it going the other way, but I’d still have to take it.

I would need to see your team to fully determine if I would do it, but I’m actually leaning towards not doing it. Cohen is a player that for me is really hard to determine his value. As of right now, I really think Cohen could be a top 15 RB in PPR formats or something for the next several years, but I could really be way off on that. His skillset is there, and I think the new coaching staff could really utilize him. Anderson isn’t just a throw in piece either. It’s close and I couldn’t blame you for pulling the trigger, but I don’t think I would.

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i’m with swiss army…i wouldn’t trade cuz i think cohen will take the lead role in chicago and atlanta will feed coleman to increase his trade value…plus you get anderson barring any legal/nfl fines…first logic says yeah do it but i would “pump the brakes” on that for a sec

I don’t think there’s any way they think a 181 lb RB can handle a lead role and last any length of time.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be effective and very fantasy viable though. I think the ceiling here is a Sproles/Tyreke Hill hybrid, which is definitely intriguing.

I don’t think he’ll be a workhorse 3 down back or anything, I can just see him being a Kamara lite. Where he is just used in space alot and get 5 catches a game or something. I’m optimistic the new coaching staff can utilize his skillset correctly.

I definitely think he’ll be used a good amount in space. Just remember, he’s a solid 30+ lbs lighter than Kamara, who’s not a big dude himself.

I guess Kamara lite is pretty apt, lol.

Haha true. I mean he’s also probably like 4 inches shorter. It’s not just about the weight, it’s about the body frame. And his frame given his height is stout enough it seems.

Being stout is definitely better than lien, in this regard, but sheer mass is also important for absorbing impact.

Like I said, I like the guy. I expect him to be valuable, but there’s an undeniably large usage and potential durability related risk, more so than most guys being valued around him.

I think its simple:
If you’re in win now mode- take it
If you’re rebuilding- don’t

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