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Cohen and Thielan for Devante Parker


Am I giving up too much in a standard league for Parker


yes. Thielan is solid and RB’s are too hard to come by.



What about with all my rb depth


You’ve got enough depth to offer those two for a better WR than Parker. He can get you 4 points as often as he will get you 20


Who do u think I should go for… maybe a few suggestions thank you in advance


I don’t think I would do it. I like Thielan he can be valuable even if he doesn’t find the endzone and the weeks he does he’ll be a big plus for your team. So as was already mentioned unless you get a better receiver than Parker I wouldn’t do it. Ajayi’s health scares me with his knee and he won’t have any bye weeks to rest, I’d want all the RB depth I could have.


I think I’m going to hold onto Ajayi for one more week then trade when his value is higher


What do u guys think about ajayi for aj green


I’d offer the guy Thielen and Cohen for Green if he’s on the block. If he rejects, counter with Carson and Thielen. You’ve got Martin coming back anyway, but don’t let go of Ajayi right away