Cohen, Godwin, Josh Gordon, or Ingram

I have an open flex spot for one of the players listed above. I have 1 rb, 2 wr, and a flex. Right now I’ve got Gurley, AB and Thielen starting, all of who are obvious. The question is which of the others to use? It’s a 12 team ppr and my opponent has Brady at QB. Gordon has been fairly consistent, and would possibly offset some of Brady’s points, however he probably has the lowest ceiling of the bunch. Cohen has been on fire, but the Rams are 2nd in the league vs receiving RBs. Godwin has as big a ceiling as any of the guys, but he hasn’t done it as consistently as the other guys. And Mark Ingram could have a big game playing with the lead vs the Bucs, but is the most touchdown dependent of the bunch.

So who gets me the win?

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Tough call… Let’s see what others say…

I just don’t like the Pats in Miami in December, but what do I know…

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He is a safety net for QBs with his pass catch ability and the Bears receivers struggling to get open. Ingram has a nice matchup too. It’s between them, but I lean Cohen. Bears will have to play catch up so Howard will be a non factor.

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