Cohen or Fournette ROS?

Which would you prefer?

I have both lol. Fournette if he’s healthy would be my choice, BUT I want to see how he performs first to understand how is he performing…

Yeah I’m thinking of trading Cohen for Fournette currently. I’m 8-0 with other RBs but I’d be burning two roster spots on Dalvin Cook and Fournette if I traded. I have Gurley, Conner, Chubb, Michel, and Kerryon otherwise.

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Any other input? Want to buy Fournette if it’s worth it before he’s relevant again.

Cohen imo

Fournette will come back to a timeshare with Hyde and Yeldon. I highly doubt the jags give fournette more than 15 touches per game with his injury history.

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I have both. The range of ourcomes with Fournette is limitless. Cohen has been great recently but touches have limited. I honestly think either may be better by week 14. Getting Fournette cheap is a good gamble, but anyone hilding him is more difficult to trade eith given his likely return next week. To me, the JaguRs struggles without him woukd increase the likelihood ge comes back to a prominent role.

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Yeah I’m debating trading for him because the owner has said he will give me him for Cohen.