Cohen or Landry flex? Standard scoring

I’ve got Landry in right now but is Cohen the better play until we see Landry succeed with Mayfield in a plus matchup?

This is tough, i would say landry just because of the bucs d being so bad. I like cohen also though just not as much.

This is my view and others earlier in the week just going back and forth. Standard makes it a bit closer and I think I trust Landry to get going this week over Bill and the pats not being able to take away Cohen

Exactly. It’s not out of the question for landry to go something like 6 for 75 and a td while cohen is a boom or bust to me this week.

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If I can play both, should I? My other main options would be Golladay and Breida

I’d rank them Landry, Golladay, Breida, Cohen

I’m done with Landry this year until proven otherwise, left Cohen on the bench for him…

He got me more points than Cohen in standard

I may have been quick to judge lol as he did for me as well, hoping he can carry this on for the next set of plus matchups

lol I know exactly how you feel… I had both Landry and Chubb in and with a quarter left they had maybe a combined 3 points

I was ready to tilt

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