Cohen or Mack ROS?

Which one would you prefer? I’m 7-0 but looking to build my depth because of the Michel injury and I could lose Conner at any point. I have Cohen and Chubb on my roster but was thinking of dropping Cohen for Mack. Is this a good idea?

Tough call tbh. I’m not sure what to make of Cohen yet. Is he just like Chris Thompson 2.0? If so, I might rather have Mack who can at least by the lead guy and get goal line work. If I knew mack was going to be healthy ROS, i’d rather have mack for sure. Injury concern with him is only thing that gives me pause. I’d probably still prefer mack over cohen though. Not a huge fan of scat backs.

Yeah I couldn’t decide. I’m only the 5th waiver priority this week so I doubt I get him but was just curious. I think I’ll stick with Cohen and hold on to my priority till I really need a player.