Cohens Dynasty Value

Are you buying or selling with the Howard trade? I dont think anyone views Cohen as a true workhorse, but I feel like his value will never be higher than it is right now, especially in PPR style formats

I think it will differ league to league. Some leagues will be able to sell Cohen very high and others will be full of people not willing to buy. If you have Cohen, send out some feelers, if you can get a substantial upgrade, sell. I’m treating him like Mark Ingram, even if they have a good year, if you can sell one of them for an upgrade, its worth it.
If you are looking to buy, only do it if its a discount.

Yeah i’m the one selling in this case. Could probably use a WR in a trade, or maybe a more traditional RB

I’ve got Cohen and I’m looking to move him. I’ll report back if I end up trading him, likewise let me know if you end up getting something for him.

@nick_merson what does your team look like? What is the roster size/line up construction? I give my opinion on target candidates or trade packages.

half ppr superflex. I lucked into mahommes last year and traded away a lot to get baker so 2 of my 9 starters are pretty locked in.

Dixon / Gus

WR are
Desean Hamilton
and some other trash

Pretty clear that my receivers are weaker…

Are you willing to make a blockbuster trade and move Gurley? If so, wait until he has a positive health report then move him for something like OBJ +. I would move him for OBJ and a guy with a more negative outlook like Fournette.

I have no great love for Gurley, but feel like his value is going to be down this offseason no matter what. No amount of positive spin is going to change the mind of anyone that paid attention in december and january …and the superbowl. Its wait and see at this point unless I get a great offer

Ok that makes sense. In that case, I would look to pair Cohen with either MVS, or Hamilton and sell them for a more solidified guy who might be older. Sell two young players with possibly high ceilings. I would look to target guys like Robert Woods, AJ Green (if the owner is scared of the injury), Landry, etc. Cohen and MVS/Hamilton could all suck or they could all be a RB/WR 2 for years to come, just have to spin it the right way to the right person.

Sounds about right

I traded Tarik away for Kenny G and Lamar Miller on March 11th so I was early. I’m the D’onta Foreman owner but Lamar is jag so not a whole lot gained from him. I am starting to suspect that Nagy might be looking for a 3-down back and Tarik will be a smaller piece that gets used but might be boom or bust.