Cole Beasley

I have Cole Beasley on my bench. I’m okay with having him but am having a hard time trying to figure out how relevant he will be this year. Should I drop him and try to get a young guy with upside?

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Keep him! He is durable and has great hands. Don’t let his size fool you, if whatever team he is playing for use slot formation attacks and are using Beasley in that situation you will wish you kept him.

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What options are on the waiver wire?

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@fun4willis here are some of the options in waiver wire at all the offensive positions. If you want I can filter it by WR

Thanks for posting. I prefer Cameron Brate quite a bit over over Beasley. Would likely prefer Chris Hogan, but not by a lot.

I would try to trade Beasley for a 3rd and pick up one of those guys.

Thank you @fun4willis! I had Cam Brate and dropped him because I have 3 TE, all of which start for their team, Delaine Walker, Hunter Henry and Chris Herndon. Do you think Chris Hogan is going to have fantasy value in Carolina? Would you be able to elaborate a little more as to why Hogan over Beasley?

Hogan has proven he can be valuable before. I think he starts with Moore and Samuel. If Cam is healthy he has a big arm.

I personally don’t think there will be much passing volume in Buffalo. Don’t think that the Beasles will big part of the passing offense. That signing leaves me scratching my head. I prefer Jones in the slot. John “Smokey” Brown and Foster will likely be on the outside.

That said, those are just my beliefs. I wouldn’t cut Beasley unless you have a strong feeling. I would want to get something for him.

Thank you! Appreciate the advice!