Cole & Callaway on the WW. Who would you stash?

It’s a PPR league. Would drop Clement to get them.

Think I’d stash Callaway. People already know what Cole is, but now is your chance to hold Callaway in case he looks great with Baker.

Feel okay about dropping Clement?

I’d play Callaway. Cole may be the better stash though. They’re both good stashes - all 3 of them in fact, if you can find a way to retain all 3. Otherwise, I like Callaway today. If you need RB help though and are deep in WR already, I’d hold on to Clement.

RBs: Kamara, Elliot, Gordon, Buck, Clement, Burkhead (in IR)
WRs: Hill, Tate, Agholor, Lockett, Goodwin

It’s a keeper league in the event the math doesn’t add up for the RB drafting.

Marqise Goodwin? I’d drop him for Callaway or Cole. For this week’s purposes, I think Callaway.

Yeah I guess I’m in a different situation since my league is allergic to trades. Cole was always benched because of the boom/bust with Bortles, and I eventually dropped him and Clement to make other pickups. Ajayi is in, Jeffrey is in…don’t see Clement staying relevant.

I don’t need anyone for this week. I am playing Tate and Hill. It’s more long term viability.

That’s kind of why I thought Callaway. Cole is a known quantity, but if Callaway goes off today, you’re waiting in line on waivers.

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Yeah, I have been hoarding a #1 Waiver Priority. I wouldn’t want to use it on him.

One negative I just realized is that Gordon & Zeke are on byes the same week. May actually need better RB depth for that week. So, perhaps keep clement.

How many RBs do you start? You look solid with Kamara and Buck unless you need more

it’s only 2 RB

Realized I could move Clement into the IR and drop Burkhead. So, I picked up Callaway just to see how he does with Baker. Then can make a decision next week.

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Good call!

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I’d rather stash Callaway right now, but I would not feel good about dropping Clement. Would the Ajayi owner give you anything better than Callaway/Cole?

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