Cole, Edleman or Enunwa

Half PPR, start Cole, Edleman or Enunwa this week?

I’d look for Edleman to exploit a tired and injury riddled Colts D, then Enunwa. Cole might have more ceiling but Dede appears to be the better receiver…


Ya I’d switch out Cole for Westbrook. That said, I’d take Westbrook and Edelman over Enunwa

different story with him i’d take edleman and westbrook then over enunwa, but i love west coast teams traveling east and playing early. they tend to stink it up and break down…

Depends what you need.

Ceiling = Cole
Floor = Enunwa

I’m not playing Edelman. It’s his first NFL snap since 2016. I don’t like playing players who were away for that long. Also, last 4 times pats played andrew luck led colts, all they did was pound the rock 30-40 times. Colts couldn’t stop it. They still can’t. Not going to be a pass heavy game script.