Cole or Callaway

I have just picked up Cole from waiver wire, but tomorrow could easily drop and swap him for Callaway.

I worry about Cole’s ceiling and Callaway’s floor

To play this week you’re saying? Or as a stash?

For this week, I like Cole to play.

For ROS, I like Callaway as a stash a lot more than Cole.

I’m grabbing Callaway for the next set of matchups, LAC, PIT, TB, ATL and KC all in there before the bye week. They will have to throw a ton and he is the only deep threat.

Cole this week is fine but i would grab Callaway if you can for the next run of fixtures for the Browns. He has to go off in one or more of those games. He will be a perfect trade high guy as well as after their bye week the matchups aren’t as good

Wow - those are awesome matchups for Callaway. Beyond awesome. That stretch of games alone is enough to convince one to pick him up over Cole. Cole’s matchup is nice this week yes, but it doesn’t guarantee anything in terms of targets. It might even hurt his target outlook since there are so many guys with roughly equivalent talent at WR for Jax who will be getting open all day. Bortles has no reason to take a second to look at Cole before everyone else. Plus, he appears to like Dede better than anyone else anyway.

I know right, it goes in order with home/away - vsLAC, @TB, @PIT, vsKC, vsATL, week 10 bye. I’m trying all the tricks to get Landry from the guy who is 0-4 in our league and likely going 0-5 this week just to guarantee the targets and safe hands but failing that Callaway is the only guy in Cleveland who can take the top off those teams.

It sounds crazy but if he had a ‘Ridley lite’ stretch against those teams, say 60-90 yards per game and maybe 3/4 TDs i wouldn’t be at all shocked. He struggles with his drops but given that those teams will all be able to put 30+ points on the Browns they will have no choice but to give him 10 or more targets and a lot of the air yards each week. As we all know it only takes one catch when he’s running open down field to give you a top week…

he could very easily start consistently going off when he has matchups as favorable as that lineup. and you could just see in that thursday game when Mayfield made his debut – he had a connection with Callaway instantaneously. it looked very natural. these soft defenses are coming at a perfect time to help nurture that chemistry while also letting Baker develop and air it out without everything being a potential INT or having a vicious pass rush bearing down on him.

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Thanks for the help guys, I had some slight doubt about Callaway and his drops but I guess his ceiling is quite high, will try and grab him off waivers tomorrow!

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