Coleman and Baldwin for Hilton

In standard would this be an overpay? I’m thinking of offering? Would have a stash space for either Foreman, Chubb or if they didn’t pan out use it as my streamer spot for a TE for Gronks Bye week and second playoff D if needed etc.

Roster at present:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon, Coleman,
WRs - Green, Landry, Mike Williams, Corey Davis, Keke Coutee, Baldwin
TE - Gronk
K - Bailey
DST - Ravens

Any decent RBs on the waiver to pickup in Coleman’s stead?

The guy i’m looking to trade with also has Jordan Howard and Alshon Jeffery with DJ and MT as his studs. Not sure he’d give up either MT or DJ but Howard may be doable as well but may need to give more.

I beat him last week and with his bye for MT and the guy he’s playing he’ll likely be 2-4 after this week on a 4 game losing streak so hoping that may factor in…?

Really just Foreman and Chubb as stash players right now. Alfred Blue and Gore are there with Murray to handcuff Cook but otherwise not really no.

Or equally Coleman and Baldwin for Howard as a 2 for 1? Lock up my RB depth and continue to play Green and Landry unless a quality streamer emerges?

This is a tough one. I hate you to lose RB depth but I personally view Hilton as an upgrade to Baldwin, but that is under the assumption Wilson and Baldwin don’t get on the same wavelength. Many may be making that assumption a bit too soon. No doubt that Hilton is a talent playing in a very pass heavy system with a solid QB though. I just don’t have an answer for you but my gut says stay put.

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This is sort of the way i was thinking, i like Hilton and being slightly banged up the guy will be hurting this week at the position so could buy him but yes the RB depth is key. Also with Freeman hurt again and there are even rumours of Coleman being traded, which would be sensible so the Falcons get something for him instead of letting him leave he may be a starter in his own right one way or another. I do think that Baldwin and Wilson will get going soon but their dedication to the run is a problem especially as its working!

The other trade option was another weak team the should be 1-5 after this week, if by some miracle Baldwin and Coleman have big games was to go after his McCoy and Keenan Allen if they have another quiet week which is possible - i like that trade more for Allen as a late season guy and McCoy as a wild card but volume guy if nothing else better than Coleman - at least how Coleman has looked so far?

It’s a gamble to wait that out but that’s probably what I’d do in your spot.

Yeah i usually wouldn’t but I’m playing the Allen/McCoy owner this week lol and he never trades with his opponents just doesn’t do it. So its a gamble but hoping the games for Allen/McCoy will be quiet for them which based on the matchups could happen. Will have to hold and see.

There will be options I’m sure for something to be done week 6, it’s usually a tipping point in our league when the trading activity picks up in a big way. Thanks for the input though man appreciate it!