Coleman and Breida

I own both, and Monday didn’t seem to give any indication that Coleman or Breida is the better play moving forward. Breida was the big points scorer, but that was because of the big touchdown run. Otherwise their usage and success was pretty much identical. Both of their value will probably take a slight hit with their stud fullback out, but probably not enough to ignore them. So what do you guys think? Should I be leaning toward one or is it a coin flip every week? Also, should I try to package one in a trade?

Yeah this is a tough one. I believe Coleman is Shanahan’s guy so they will utilize him more than Breida ROS. But, SF is the most run-heavy team in the league so there’s probably enough touches to support both backs. If you want to sell one off, I would trade away Breida. But make sure you’re getting a good deal. If you keep both, I think there will be weeks where you want to play both; as Andy said on the podcast, he could envision playing both David Johnson and Chase Edmonds against Atlanta to acquire all RB points in this game.