Coleman and Kupp for Diggs?

I’m trying to figure out a package deal for Diggs, his owner has serious depth problems at WR and RB.

His RBs are McCoy, Ajayi and Crowell. His WRs are AB, Diggs, Will Fuller, Sterling Shepard and Tyrell Williams.

I have some depth to give at RB with Barkley, Howard, Coleman, Breida, Dion Lewis, Murray.

I’m trying to avoid giving up Howard to get this done, hence the package deal and I think he should be receptive as we start 3WRs, 2RBs and a flex and once bye weeks hit he’s going to be dead as it is.

It’s a fair offer

Normally I’d say heck yeah to that offer, but his receiving core is really weak. Diggs is about all he has.

He’s probably even weaker at RB though. He’d be giving up a stud in Diggs but this would help him add depth at RB & WR

I think this is a fair offer to get Diggs

I just left his bench RBs off because they are basically irrelevant, it’s Chris Ivory and Ronald Jones.

It at least seems like you guys don’t think I’m trying to rob him, I realize I’m getting the best player in the deal but I do legitimately think it helps both our teams.


I think that is a fair opening offer. But if you really want to land the deal…you can always swap out coleman for breida. Obviously…I would prefer breida over coleman for the season…but I would also prefer Diggs over breida and Kupp given you have Barkley and Howard.

What do your WR’s look like?

I have Cooper, Marvin Jones, Kupp, Enunwa, and Boyd. It’s basically a lot of WR2s and I need a true WR1.

Thanks for the note on Breida, that is a real possibility for a counter as he lives out there and might be a fan.

I wouldnt give up diggs for a back up rb and Kupp who relies on TD upside but hes a solid 5 for 60 guy. If you can pull it off great but If im dealing diggs - whose stock is sky high right now - Id be asking for Howard or a package involving Cooper.

I was going to say I wouldn’t do it if I were him until I noticed he had AB. Completely overlooked that initially.

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