Coleman and Penny for Lev Bell

Trying to acquire Lev Bell, his matchups look really nice after Dallas and NE. What are your thoughts on this offer to the Lev Bell owner. Note he has Carson as his RB, so I’m offering Coleman Plus a cuff .

theyd have to be crazy to take that lol

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Ya that’s definitely a huge lowball regardless of offering a cuff. But hey, might as well try it?

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I’d do the deal if I were you. Who knows how the rest of the San Fran RB split is going to go the rest of the season

RB2 and a waiver wire pickup for an RB1 is a big no.

People will say make the offer the worst they can say no. I can say if I was the Bell owner and you offered me that I wouldn’t be trying to trade with you for the rest of the season most likely. That’s a trash offer.