Coleman, Anderson, Kirk Flex

Half PPR

Tevin Coleman, Robby Anderson, Christian Kirk

Other options: Justin Jackson, Miles Sanders

I already played Montgomery and he only got me 5 points

Since you probably need some nitro after the Montgomery issue, I go:
Sanders or Kirk hoping for a TD.
Anderson is dinged up and should be shadowed by White while Coleman and Jackson are in timeshares with less juice than Philly

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you defs should not have played montgomery over sanders or Jackson

But i would play Jackson, sanders or anderson

That’s easy to say after the fact, when most people pointed towards playing Montgomery over either of those 2 given his opportunity. I took flyers on both Sanders and Jackson but both are wait and see players. Too risky to start

I do feel I need some nitro, which is why I was leaning Anderson… I feel sanders is too risky right now. Kirk could be interesting