Coleman + Baldwin for Ertz?

I have a weakness at TE and looking to leverage Coleman’s new starter status to the weakest team in our league. Standard 12 team.

Is me offering Coleman and Baldwin good enough or too much/not enough? My roster is below and i’m fine streaming this week and McDonald is out there for the future but getting a stud TE would complete my roster. Or do i hold all my depth, wait a week then go after someone after the halfway point when people get desperate for wins? Or offer someone big in name like Cook and see if he takes it?

My team:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon, Cohen, Coleman
WRs - OBJ, Green, Landry, Baldwin, Davis
TE - Uzomah (stream)
K / DST - Bailey / Ravens

Your team is strong and I honestly would stream TE and not worry about it. Coleman will be a weekly play right now over Cook I think. Losing Baldwin would butcher your WR depth

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For reference this is his team with Winston at QB and a stream at K and DST… weak is an understatement:

Thanks it’s taken a few weeks and some hard fought trades to build but i’m feeling pretty happy with it ROS. Agreed i’d prefer not to give Baldwin up.

I’m sure he’ll lose this week, making him 2-5 and basically out of it, especially with that team so he will be fretting which is why i thought to try and trade. Would you say Cook or Coleman straight up would be too much as well?
Or just hold all my depth and ride it out unless someone gets really needy later in the season…

I’m more willing to trade Cook than Coleman. Cook has had hamstring issues before in college. Plus they have Murray they can lean on. Coleman is it there. Yes I know Smith will get work, but Coleman is a very good RB that was highly thought of out of college.

Interesting i wouldn’t feel too bad dumping cook, especially for a guy that scores like Ertz does and will do ROS as you say i struggle to play Cook even when healthy and Coleman should be if nothing else a similar level to Cook ROS if Cook gets back. The hamstring is a concern and he has just been burning a hole in my bench for season may as well turn him into an asset i can use.

Plus he wont help this team even if he plays this week until season’s end as his roster is dire