How are you guys ranking these three players? I like the high-scoring games of Coleman and Hines, but I have been liking Lindsey‘s efficiency. Coleman seems to have been lacking in efficiency lately. Oddly enough, hines role as the pass catcher trailing in a high scorinng? game makes me the most comfortable almost ? Am I crazy? I also have Matt Ryan , Which impacts my Coleman decision

I am buying Hines this week but I am starting him in a full PPR… So my opinion my be slightly unbalanced. If Freeman is out then you start Coleman. I am not a Lindsay fan personally.


This week: Hines > Lindsay > Coleman
ROS: Lindsay > Coleman > Hines

Half PPR or standard

This week: Lindsay > Coleman > Hines
ROS: Lindsay > Coleman > Hines

I am really tempted to play him in half point PPR I just think he has a nice floor. I am hesitant to go with Lindsey because it being a lower scoring game