Coleman & OBJ For Jacobs and D. Montgomery?

Hi, would you trade OBJ and Coleman for Josh Jacobs and David Montgomery?

I would not unless you somehow need RB help so bad and so stacked at WR you can afford OBJ loss.

Thanks, I would be low at receiver after this. But stacked at rb with Cook, Monty, Jacobs, Melvin Gordon (if he returns), and some handcuffs. My receivers would be led by Ridley and Robby Anderson…

For context, this is a 2 flex no kicker league. So I can start 4 rbs or 4 wrs

I wouldn’t call that stacked. Especially given Gordon’s situation. I would not make that trade. Ridley and Anderson are not every week starters. Esp given anderson injuries.

I’d rather role with OBJ/Ridley Cook/Coleman

than Ridley/Anderson Mont/Jacobs.

It’s not even clear how much of aworkload monty gets. If he gets like 12-15 touches, that’s going to be a painful start. YOu know for a fact that OBJ is going to be a volume hog.

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Very good points! Thank you