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Coleman or Hogan


Hogan went undrafted, I’m wondering if it’s worth quick add/drop? Any advice?


I wouldn’t drop Coleman for him. But he is worth a pickup. He is an Edelman type player, who will take over Edelman role. At least I think so. I haven’t watched enough film to see how his route tree is though.


I wouldn’t classify him as an Edelman type player. He may be able to transition into that type of roll but he’s always been more of a burner. Last year 36 receptions with an 18yard average.


Yeah I see that point of view. But no one thought Edelman could replace was welker, and that turned out good. I still think he is a deep threat getter, but they will try to transition him to that Edelman role I bet. Unless billy decides to fuck with me and go amandola lol.


Doesn’t matter if he changes roles or not, he’s due an uptick in targets.


That we can both agree on. He does become a viable fantasy pickup now.


i would not drop corey coleman for hogan either