Coleman or ingram

my team (6-2 3rd place)
CMC, Monty, mattison, Mckissic
Cooper, Lockett, T. Williams, Sutton, Hollywood
ertz and andrews

Their team (4-4 6th place)
Chubb, Coleman,D. Williams, Ingram, Hines
Hopkins, Landry, Parker,Miller
D. Knox, McDonald

So they are super weak at wr and te and have some rb to spare and im the exact opposite. you think going after coleman with like lockett and ertz is to much or try and get ingram for hollywood and ertz?

Or if you think theres a better trade in there?

bumping for thoughts?

I think Lockett and Ertz is too much. I think I’d try Lockett straight up and see where talks go

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Yeah I think you might be right with those two being to much but ideally i want to move ertz in this being that they are so needy for a te. Maybe sutton and ertz for coleman that would still upgrade both our teams i think

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Although i dont know if thats enough to get them to take the trade it sounds good on my end but now i feel like it might be a little low.

Anyone else have a thought on any way i should be making an offer here?

Ertz and Sutton for Coleman got turned down :confused: anyone have some ideas? T. Williams maybe a better offer than sutton? Can i afford to lose lockett for coleman straight up maybe?

@matthewm23 you by chance have an opinion on this for me. both teams are up top

I’d say try Lockett for Coleman

You think something like ertz and hollywood could get me ingram?

I think you might be able to with Ertz big name and Hollywood just to sweeten it a bit